All you need to know about deadlift workout

Apart from eating healthy, and getting ample amount of sleep, a proper fitness regime is also necessary to stay fit and active.

You can either take up any sport, hit the gym, or join yoga classes. If you want to customize your workout routine, you should consider taking up an exercise to warm up first.

What is deadlift exercise and when was it first done?

Deadlift comes under compound exercise. Deadlift workout was found and carried out in the early 17th century. The exercise helps the spine from rounding and aids in the extension of the hip joint.

Preparation for this exercise

If you are a healthy person, you can do compound exercises at least thrice a week. Do not overstrain your muscles. Take small breaks between your workout to stabilize your breathing. Do not forget to consume liquids frequently which will help you in staying hydrated. 

Steps to follow 

If you are beginner, follow these steps properly:

1. Stand at the center of the barbell and place your feet under the gap present between bar and floor.

2. Bend and hold the bar with both your arms. Provide shoulder-width distance between your arms. 

3. Bend the knees and let your shin touch the bar. 

4. Then, gradually lift your chest and straighten the lower back.

5. Stand straight and hold the weight with you.

Take a look these tutorial videos

Benefits of this exercise

Deadlift exercise is generally done to strengthen the body muscles. It is considered to be one of the best exercises as it benefits both lower and upper body. They improve lower back, upper-middle back, hamstrings, thigh muscles, and chest. They also help in burning excess fat. 

Similar exercises 

If you are not comfortable doing deadlift or need to try other options, it is fine. Some of the exercises which are similar to a deadlift include dumbbell lift, bent over rows, Kettlebell swing, and pistol squats.