Lateral Deltoid Raise

Lateral Deltoid Raise

The shoulder is arguably one of the most important combinations of joints and muscles in the body.

It provides strength and support for the back and upper body, and is integral in range of motion and upper body mobility as a whole. 

That’s why it’s so important to isolate and target the shoulder – and it’s where the lateral deltoid raise comes in!

Understanding the Lateral Deltoid

Your deltoid muscles form the rounded portion of your shoulder. This muscle group has three different sets of muscle fibers that can be found in the upper back, upper arms, and upper chest areas. 

Shoulder exercises such as the lateral deltoid raise have existed in weightlifting communities through history, but recent lifting and strength training techniques have begun to use these kinds of exercises more often. 

A Shoulder Strength Exercise

This isolation exercises emphasizes the sides or lateral area of your deltoid muscles while strengthening the rest of your shoulder. 

Because of the focus on your shoulders, particularly the lateral deltoid muscles, the exercise isn’t necessarily one that’ll have you working out your entire upper arm or upper body. 

However, it’s a great way to round off your upper body and arm strength exercises. 

A Simple Yet Effective Workout 

If you’re ready to add this tried and true shoulder workout to your regiment, here are a few things to do to get yourself ready. 

  • Make sure you have the proper equipment. For this exercise, you’ll need a set of dumbbells. 
  • Position yourself so that you’re grounded with your feet about shoulder-width apart. 

Working the Lateral Delts

Ready to start? 

  1. Grab your dumbbells with palms facing inward. Keep your arms hanging at your sides. 
  2. Raise both arms out until they’re about shoulder height. Pause for a brief count. 
  3. Slowly lower the weights down to their original position. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the desired number of repetitions. 

A Great Isolation Exercise

Shoulder strength is incredibly important for the foundation of just about any weightlifting training, so focusing on your an exercise that targets the lateral deltoid muscle is important for a well-rounded exercise routine. 

The exercise can also help you build muscles in your shoulders and upper arms, and can work to stabilize your shoulders. 

Lateral Deltoid Raises to the Max

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter, this exercise is great because it offers some variations that might align with your workout goals. 

Try modifying the exercise in a couple ways: 

  • Bend your elbows to bring the weight closer to your body. This intensifies the movement and helps you work on keeping your elbow steady. 
  • Don’t have dumbbells? Try using kettlebells instead for a similar workout. 
  • If you need to focus on one side of the body, try the exercise using one arm at a time. 

A Long Term Focus 

Lateral deltoid raises are a great exercise to add to your routine, especially if you’re focusing on your upper body strength. The shoulders are important for successful lifting overall, so treating them to a focused workout from time to time is a solid way to build long-term stability.