Karaoke Spin Class

Have you ever had to choose between a night out with friends and fitting in your exercise routine? Well, your problems are over.

With the rise of Karaoke Spin Class – also known as Cycle Karaoke – you can efficiently combine both.

The Details

Karaoke Spin Class is a high-energy, high-fun take on traditional spinning. You can feel like you’re out at the bar with friends while working on your fitness. Just as in traditional spinning, this exercise involves using a stationary bike to pedal to the beat of a soundtrack while an instructor guides you in raising or lowering the bike’s resistance and speed. In a Karaoke Spin Class, however, you’ll also periodically sing along to popular songs with lyrics provided on screens at the front of the studio.

The History of Karaoke Spin

Karaoke Spin is a fusion exercise, meaning it combines several disciplines in order to help you achieve strength, balance and endurance. Fusion classes like Yogalates or Cardio Striptease have been popular since their introduction nearly 30 years ago, but Karaoke Spin made its debut in 2007 and hit its stride in 2017.

The Best of Both Worlds

Karaoke Spin is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It’s a variation of traditional spinning, which involves using a stationary bike and raising levels of resistance and speed over 30-45 minutes to build strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular health.

How to Prepare

You should prep for your Karaoke Spin Class in three ways:

  1. While many gyms allow you to wear sneakers for spinning, it’s ideal to wear cycling shoes. You can bring your own or rent a pair at your gym.
  2. Before you begin a Karaoke Spin class, it’s important to stretch and warm up.
  3. You’ll also want to wet your whistle, as both cardio workouts and intense bouts of rock-star singing are sure to leave you parched.

How to Get Your Sing and Cycle On

Begin the spin course, which can range from hills to valleys and more, increasing resistance and speed along with the instructor’s guidance. Sing along when prompted, keeping in mind your individual level of fitness.

If you can sing loudly with little trouble, you’re probably not working hard enough. On the other hand, gasping out the words and struggling to keep up means you are overdoing it.

Let’s Talk Benefits

Karaoke Spin Class offer three main benefits for your fitness routine:

  1. It raises your “rate of perceived exertion” and keeps your body working hard
  2. It offers a fusion of balance, strength and endurance work
  3. It’s fun!

Available Variations

Some Karaoke Spin classes go one step further, paying homage to a specific type of music. One popular variation is Rock Karaoke Spin. Certain gyms may also offer variations particular to their instructors. You may also find some classes that focus on group singing only, while others offer the opportunity to break into a solo.

If you’re busy and trying to make time for both your fitness and your friends, Karaoke Spin classes offer a unique way to live your best life. So strap on your cycling shoes and mount up alongside your friends, no vocal coach required.