Wall ball

Wall ball exercises can provide a great aerobic addition to any workout with the goal of controlling weight.

No, this isn’t the game we all used to play as kids where you bounce a ball off the wall and tag each other. This is a much more effective way of burning calories and gaining muscle.

What Does it Mean to “Do Wall Balls?”

This phrase refers to the act of bouncing up from a squatting position, tossing a larger, softer version of a medicine ball at a wall, catching the ball as it falls, and repeating for a series of reps. There are plenty of ways to do wall balls, each varying in intensity, but this is what people tend to mean when they say, “wall balls.”

Not a Very Clear History

Human beings have been throwing things at other things since…well, since we learned how to throw things! This could potentially draw the history of wall balls all the way back to caveman days. Of course, this is all baseless speculation.

The official history of wall ball is much more recent, perhaps beginning as early as only a couple decades ago or perhaps going back more than 3,000 years to the creation of the first medicine ball. Nobody really knows.

Burn Fat and Tone Your Glutes

The key benefits of this exercise are more than just the ordinary aerobic benefits of burning more calories and cutting down on fat stores; they include strengthening your glutes (that would be your butt), thighs, calves, shoulders, and even pecs to some extent.

The Standard Wall Ball Procedure

You’ll want to start out about three to four feet away from the wall. Make sure you have ample space and can pick a wall that is connected directly to a ceiling and has no windows. You don’t want to throw the ball clear over the wall or straight through a glass window.

Once you’ve secured your workout space, pick up a medicine ball (it might help to start with a basketball or something light until your form is perfect, for safety reasons), and drop down into a squatting position.

Make sure to keep your back straight and the ball just about at chin height. Thrust yourself up from a squat, pushing the ball up into the air for it to bounce off the wall, catch the ball, and drop back down to starting position.

A Few Other Ideas

There are a couple of ways to do wall balls, although some are much more difficult. Of course, there are some that are easier, but those don’t work nearly the same number of muscle groups as the common wall balls will.

After a few weeks of solid wall ball workouts, try jumping up from the squatting position. This will significantly increase the difficulty of the workout.


Wall balls are not quite as effective a workout for building muscle as barbell squats; however, they are a ton more fun, can be done in groups for that socializing effect, and burn a lot more fat than any other barbell exercise. This makes them great complementary exercises for any workout routine.